Adam Huggins
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Adam Huggins

From: Canada

Adam Huggins was born in Canada in 1981. He began his career at the age of nineteen: at that time what he wanted most was seeing the world and he decided photography was a good way to do it. Since then he has been travelling and taking pictures in order to document society and the world we live in. During the last six years, his work has gave him the opportunity of getting in touch with different communities and knowing different cultures. Now, to him, photography is no longer just about travelling but about telling stories. He became a photojournalist. His images have been printed in numerous publications which include The New York Times, ELLE, Der Spiegel, COLORS, D Repubblica, and the International Herald Tribune. While living in India, Adam witnessed the destruction done by 2004 tsunami in the fishermen’s villages of the south of the country. The desire of documenting fishermen communities around the world that has been developed in his last projects has been a consequence of that experience. As well as of many hours spent every weekend fishing in the company of family when he was a child.

1 Mar, 2006