/ The End of a toilet paper
The End of a toilet paper
Grisha Daniel Morgenstern, Adam Huggins
1 March, 2006

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Everybody knows Marcel Duchamp (* 28. Juli 1887 in Blainville-Crevon) and his „Fountain“, (Ready-made), (1917).

For a lot of people it was " The End " of classicism, and one of the first steps into the modern art era.

I choosed this image, to reinterpret " The End" in two different aspects. Time relating to art epochs. And the object in context.

First I started to work on the original „Fountain“ image to keep the link to the original object. All I changed was the dimension. From 3D to 2D. But I kept the three dimensional texture with different coloured sticky tapes to interpret Marcel Duchamp's work like modern street art.

The second step, I changed the object. The fountain was replaced by an empty toilet paper roll. What for Durchamp was the urinal, is for me a toilet paper roll.

So the idea of " The End " of an era, becomes the idea of " The End " of a object.