/ Che Cazzo
Che Cazzo
Eric Faggin, Grisha Daniel Morgenstern, Pia Knight, Camilla Reyman
28 April, 2006

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Contributors: Carla Almeida

On April 26, 2006, renowned Brazilian graphic designer Felipe Taborda held a workshop at Fabrica on the theme of prejudice. He asked the students to develop a poster for an Italian festival in Latin America that played with the perceptions that a Latin American, or any non-Italian, might have of the Italian population.

Grisha Morgenstern, Pia Knight, Eric Faggin, Camilla Reyman, and Carla Almeida
(German, British, Italian/American, Danish, and Portugese respectively) teamed up and developed a series of posters for a festival that they entitled the "Che Cazzo!?" festival. Together they formed an association called F@PIG, or the Foundation for the Proliferation of Italian Gesticulation, and created a logo for this organization.

Italians are perceived around the world as race that gesticulates as much as they talk. F@PIG played with this perception to create a series of posters that depict Italians gesticulating while saying "Che Cazzo" or "What the Hell". This expression is also seen as a stereotypical Italian gesture. Working with these elements creates an immediately recognizable image of Italians, and perpetuates a well established stereotype. Anywhere in the world one might find the poster for this festival, one will immediately know that it has an Italian theme. These posters speak to the power of stereotypes and invite us to take a look at our own prejudices.