/ Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Grisha Daniel Morgenstern, Federico Urdaneta
24 September, 2006

Self Portrait of Grisha Morgenstern

Do not search for a deeper sence in this movie. You will not find it.

The visuals and the animation is done by my self.

Thanks for the music:

Jan F. Kurth - Mr. Ben
Merche Blasco - London Benetton Sale 06
Federico Urdaneta - London Benetton Sale 06
The Band Mongouse - As them self
R2D2 - For the voice of the robot

To watch the movie-click the links below

Files for Download:
Selfportrait (Grisha Morgenstern -_Medium.mov - 7736.386 kb)
Selfportrait - censored version (self portrait ohne n_Medium.mov - 7736.152 kb)