Grisha Daniel Morgenstern
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Grisha Daniel Morgenstern

From: Germany

When people ask me where I am from, I tell
them Basel. Cause everybodyalways has a big pink questionmark above their heads when I say Wyhlen.
Wyhlen is a really small village in the south of
Germany where I spent my first 18 years, 15 min
away from the swiss and french border. But my heart still beats in Freiburg, the city I learnt to love, where I formed my personality studying Visual Design in a small old-fashioned School called FGS in 1999. After receiving my Degree in 2003, I worked as a freelancer specialising in illustration and conceptual print work as well as unconventional, experimental websites for clients with young and trendy consumers. For example "Summit Skateboards, Mongouse and Grand-Shirts".

In 2003, I revived my old passion for painting out of guilt for neglecting it since I started studying Visual Design.

Now I have two passions, and the combination is for me the perfect way of expression. The metamorphosis of Visual Design to an Installation is an aspect of art and communication which reflects my culture and the influence of MTV on my generation.

In December 2005 I arrived at Fabrica.