Pia Knight
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Pia Knight

From: United Kingdom

Born September, 29, 1980, Pia is a typical Libra.

Growing up in her hometown of Chearsley, a village of 300 lost in the English countryside, Pia bore the heavy weight known, to some, as dyslexia. As a result, dyslexia lead Pia to express herself through drawing. And she had a boy’s haircut.

The Bell Pub, next to her house, is where Pia spent the majority of her developmental years, eating cheese and drinking beer.

Studies brought her to the University of Brighton where, in 2003, she completed her work in Graphic Design. During university and the following years, she has focused her work on sex and sexual education, following in the footsteps of her mother, a sexologist. Her first success is a collection of nipple badges in support of the fight against breast cancer.

Today, she has long blonde hair and has overcome her dyslexia. As a graphic designer, she has been in Fabrica since March of 2005. In Italy, she drinks hot milk instead of coffee and far too much wine most nights. Due to her sweet blood, she has some problems with mosquitoes.

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