Paolo Princi
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Paolo Princi

From: Italy

Paolo Princi was born in Genoa in 1983. Here he studied at the School
of Graphic Design and Advertising and later Design at the Politecnico of Milan.
In 2003 he worked in Milan with the communication design studio A G Fronzoni
and after for two years with the communication design studio due_pavese in Rome. Strongly passionate about packaging design now he is exploring also the field
of visual design at Fabrica. He has been in the center since September 2005.

20 Jul, 2006
29 Jun, 2006
20 Mar, 2006
Body o' Christ
Feb 10, 2006

Clepto for UCB tv
Jan 15, 2006

La Fabbrica di Uccio
Dec 25, 2005

Open House Fabrica
Dec 20, 2005

Oct 25, 2005

Il vuoto brutto
Sep 16, 2005