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Love & Peace
Paolo Princi
29 June, 2006

Remember Love & Peace.

The work shown here was created for the Love and Peace issue in memory of Nagasaki and Hiroshima of a Japanese magazine called Koukoku Hihyou.

I have decided to mix the Japanese flag and the baby in the womb together to show how great the power of life is in the simplest way as possible. I wanted to remind the world that “there is always a beginning“. Even though there had been so much suffering and pain in the dark past, if you look around, there is always a new life coming into this world, and that is something we must not forget. I have studied about Hiroshima and the bombings at school; however, it was such a big shock when I researched more about it for this project. That is why I thought it was necessary for me to be as calm and serene to face this project. I wanted to represent something so pure for the new generations after the war, and that is how I got the idea of a baby in his mother’s womb. The babies are the most innocent beings in the world which I thought was the perfect material for my work.

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