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From: China

Ben TSENG was born in Hong Kong (China) in 1979.

He was interested in drawing and Chinese calligraphy since his young age. From 1997-99 he started studying Art and Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Afterward he went to U.K. and began his BA Graphic and Media Design course at the London College of Printing. His study in graphic design includes both practical and theoretical disciplines during the 3 years and he was specializing in Moving Image from the 2nd year of the course.

His work had been chosen for exhibitions and competitions including, “ Unleash the Talent Inside” a short film competition held by Channel 4 in UK in 2001. “ xhibit” an annual exhibition held by the London Institute in 2001. “Uncut” a short film exhibition at the ICA in London in 2002.

After college he started working as a freelancer. He worked for the company The Light Surgeons based in London, UK for a numerous projects including short films, commercials and live performance. He has taken part in the Chimera Project Middlesbrough 2003 which is an experimental documentary portrait celebrating the life and people of Middlesbrough and was shown on BBC TWO and Teesside cinema early this year.

Since January 2004 he has been working at Fabrica.

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