/ This is the creature inside
This is the creature inside
1 January, 2005

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"This is the creature inside" is an animated music video promo featuring the song "1982" by German DJ/musician Miss Kitten and the hacker. Starting with the mandate TV test pattern, the video takes audience into an imaginary journey and dives into the life of what I "see" of the creature inside. In this work my inspiration came from the old Atari video games system and I intended to create a collage piece of the world inside the video game world and treated with a simple pixel yet colourful, vibrant style. A football match between China and Brazil becomes the climax of video and China wins the match at the very last seconds.

*The video has been published in "FLIPS 8-MOVIEW" DVD published by IDN
*The video is currently showing at "Get it louder" exhibition in China (www.getitlouder.com)

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This is the creature inside (1982_misskittin.mov - 26176.762 kb)
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