Harun Alikadic
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Harun Alikadic

From: Bosnia & Herzegovina

1978 Born in a country that used to be called Jugoslavija.
1994 Escaped from there when it started to be called in many other ways.
2001 Graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.
2002-2004 Staged at Fabrica for a year and half in the department of Interactive Media.
2005 Applying for Italy to recognize him as a valid citizen, so he can travel all around the globe as any other normal person.

"Here, in Fabrica, I have met some respectable people. All projects I present on Fabrica's website are related to this experience.
Respect Familia."
Harun Alikadic

30 May, 2005
24 Mar, 2003
21 Oct, 2002