Josh Hogan
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Josh Hogan

From: Australia

Josh combines his diverse experience as a performer on percussion instruments with a keen interest in composition and research. To him, time, rhythm and texture are the three most important aspects of musical language that a percussionist speaks, independent of their instrumental technique. His current area of interest is the special relationship that the voice and spoken language shares with percussion traditions from all over the world, and how these can be applied to his percussion music. The sound of the human voice provides the artist-percussionist with a language that is at once rich in its sonic and rhythmic diversity, yet as familiar and natural to the ear as a spoken mother tongue. He maintains a keen interest in improvising in a diversity of contexts on percussion instruments. Within a classical context, he has been awarded several Australian percussion prizes, and performed as both a soloist and section player with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, as well as section percussion positions in the Australian Youth Orchestra and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. In 2003, he received a Bachelor of music with honours degree from the University of Western Australia, under the tutelage of Vanessa Tomlinson and Tim White.

19 May, 2005
1 Mar, 2005