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what lies between...
Josh Hogan
1 March, 2005

The project “what lies between” stems from an intensive, original analysis of complex, repeated rhythm within the context of a diversity of recorded musics and vocalizations. This process takes as its inspiration the special relationship that the voice and spoken language shares with percussion traditions from all over the world. The sound of the human voice provides the artist-percussionist with a language that is at once rich in its sonic and rhythmic diversity, yet as familiar and natural to the ear as a spoken mother tongue.

The first aspect of the project is a produced recording, a musical representation of the resultant sound world of the diversity of spoken languages at Fabrica. The vocal material is combined with a diverse, percussive sound world - a marriage of voice and drum. The recording will take the literal sonic representation of the human voice, particularly its rhythm and timbre, phrasing and inflection as the source material - an attempt to expand/rediscover a drum language that is framed by the voice.

The second part of the project is a composed original score for percussion ensemble utilising aspects of the analysis and recording. The piece will involve a mode of performance process which takes the voice and vocalisation as its inspiration. This vocal framework will be applied to the pedagogy, practice, rehearsal and performance/improvisation of the piece. An innovative notation system will be used to represent this music.

Josh Hogan


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