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Fabrica virtuale
An opportunity for a virtual trip through Fabrica, thanks to an online 3D space that recreates every detail of Tadao Ando’s architecture. “Fabrica Virtuale” is a Quake mod based on the engine created by ID Softward for the videogame Quake 3.

The visitor can play in the space but, unlike traditional Quake, there are no weapons – instead of killing each other, visitors are invited to use tools for more creative pursuits. “We took the guns and turned them into paintbrushes” says Harun Alikadic. “We hope that people will express themselves in a peaceful way in Fabrica Virtuale”. Fabrica Virtuale’s online version is also a meeting place: visitors can meet other visitors who are connected at the same time.


Authors: Pierre Fichefeux (France), Harun Alikadic (Bosnia), Mathieu Guimier (France).

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