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A simple interactive animation software, the “Flipbook!” allows animations to be drawn, shared or sent on-line. Every visitor is invited to express himself and create his own animation by drawing each frame. The result is a creative community held together by the shared experience of thousands of short stories, some simple and fun, others violent, painful or erotic. “Flipbook!” was first released in an online version. In just a few months it has become a real web phenomenon with over 200.000 animations and 15 million visitors. “Flipbook!” also won the prestigious Japan Media Arts Festival Grand Prize Award in 2006.

The exciting thing about “Flipbook!” is not in the final result, but the fact that it creates the conditions for people to create their own animations. As French critic Bourriaud says in ‘Relational Aesthetics’: “The work of art may thus consist of a formal arrangement that generates relationships between people, or be born of a social process”. The animations created by the visitor using “Flipbook!” will create a special “guest book” of the show.


Author: Juan Ospina (Colombia).
With the contribution of: Enrique R. Grullon (Santo Domingo), Maik Bluhm (Germany), Hans Raber (Austria).

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