/ Elegant slave
Elegant slave
Namiko Kitaura
18 February, 2005

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Contributors: Masahiro Fukuyama

Photographer Namiko Kitaura and ex-Fabrica artist Massahiro Fukuyama team up in Amsterdam to photograph the magical world of fantasy body armor.
Artist Massahiro Fukuyama was born in Kumamoto, Japan in 1977. He has been fascinated by body armor for quite sometime, his latest creation entitled “Elegant Slave” was featured at the Art Rotterdam 2005 festival.
He wears his creations in public and displays them by walking around military style while making noises. He believes the armor makes his mind strong and is good medicine for others to watch.
The Armor:
With several months of construction and design and an investment of roughly 40,000 Euro, Massahiro has created a truly decadent masterpiece. The giant penis and tongue is caste in real silver. There are four teeth that are crafted in silver with gold plating and embedded jewels. In the back of the armor he has placed a piece of real amber protruding from a silver lined rectum.
What’s next:
This year he has been invited to show his “Elegant Slave” throughout Europe. He is currently enrolled at the Sandberg Institute of Fine Art- Amsterdam.

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