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Super M
Jin angdoo Lee, Alejandro Mingarro de Urķa
1 November, 2005

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Contributors: Rebekka Ehlers (Photographer) Andres Reymondes (Music/sound) Diego Cofone (Extra voices) Super M (as Super M)

Super M is a superhero without any superpower. He is a normal guy who lives in the suburbs, but he believes he is special. He does everyday mundane chores with a super heroic determination. But what if Super M has a super power of "Ginormous"?

Super M animation is a collaboration work between Jin Angdoo Lee (director/animator) and Alejandro Mingarro (Illustrator). The project is based on an original idea by Rebekka Ehlers and Alejandro Mingarro.

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SuperM (superM_angdoo.mov - 21881.202 kb)
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