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Super M
Rebekka Ehlers, Alejandro Mingarro de Uría
1 April, 2005

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Super M is a super antihero. Growing up his father always told him that he was special. Now he knows why..

His life doesn’t seem different from millions of other people’s: He lives in a house in the suburbs, goes to work every day in his car, does every day chores such as grocery shopping and laundry, and in his spare time he likes to keep his garden and play dominos. Super M has no special powers or abilities that grow over the average man’s, but he’s on a quest..
On a quest to salute daily life: Pumping those gasoline pumps for all they’ve got, not resting until he’s discovered which toilet paper has just the right softness, and only holidaying when he’s made sure that his laundry is spotlessly drying in the wind.. He is, after all, the one and only SUPER M.

Super M is a collaboration between Alejandro Mingarro de Uria (designer) and Rebekka Ehlers (photographer). In the end the project will consist of design, photographs, music (by Andres Reymondes Mutti), a documentary video (by Tomas Leach) and an animation (by Jin Lee).

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