Rebekka Ehlers
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Rebekka Ehlers

From: Denmark

Before bumping into photography, Rebekka’s previous experiences with visual communication included many attempts at water colouring, the construction of a rucksack in cardboard and the scratching of her own name in the doorframe of her first room.

Her education has been self-constructed and unconventional, but she has been lucky enough to be surrounded by the right people at most times and for that she’s very grateful. For quite a long time she figured she wanted to be a documentary photographer, but she kept finding herself wanting to construct the images and order people around, so that’s what she’s mainly doing now.

Her wishes for the future include living in a big big city, finding a cheap camera on eBay, and starting a studio called HELLO HUMANS with her Spanish sidekick Ale.

1 Apr, 2005
1 Feb, 2005
1 Oct, 2004
If I Smile..
Jun 1, 2004