/ Stock Exchange of Visions
Stock Exchange of Visions
Fabrica Announcement
3 October, 2006

STOCK EXCHANGE OF VISIONS is an interactive installation that invites visitors to take awareness of
the future of the planet, and that will be displayed at Centre Pompidou during the exhibition “Fabrica: Les yeux ouverts”.
In Stock Exchange of Visions the public can see and hear a series of interviews with artists, scientists, sociologists, futurologists and people who have a vision of the future. They discuss various topics, including culture, environment, resources, economy and society.

The installation is live, connected with a web site (www.stockexchangeofvisions.org) where visitors can have access to the same content and can contribute ideas as well.

The result is a real “stock exchange for trading visions” which states the most important concerns for the future.

Gregor Kuschmirz (Germany), Alfio Pozzoni (Italy), Paolo Jannuzzi (Switzerland), Stefano Bergonzini (Italy), Giorgio Collodet (Italy), Guillermo Rivero (Mexico), Marian Grabmayer (Austria), Jin Lee (Usa), Sara Beltrame (Italy), Cosimo Bizzarri (Italy), Annalisa Merelli (Italy), Sonia Pastrello (Italy), Amel Soudani (Switzerland).

Web project by: Dario Boschiero (Italy)


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