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Karol de Rueda Leal
1 February, 2007

Summer 2057
Welcome to Vörland - Your Next Sustainable holiday.

What will happen if the Planet keeps getting warmer? Will we have to drink water from puddles, move to igloos in the North Pole, shave the fur of polar bears or always carry a hurricane kit in our bags? We tried to find out by moving the editorial team into the future and visiting Vörland, an imaginary island off the coast of Scandinavia where respect for Mother Nature and its resources is a priority.

In the second part of the magazine you’ll find the Green Pages; an unusual encyclopedia on sustainable development with many suggestions about what you can do right now around the world to make it greener and, after all, safer.

I am a writer for Colors, a magazine about the rest of the world published in 3 bilingual editions and distributed in more than 40 countries.


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