/ Les Yeux Ouverts
Les Yeux Ouverts
Karol de Rueda Leal
5 June, 2007

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Les Yeux Ouverts, the exhibition which the Pompidou Centre mounted in Paris in October 2006, starts its journey as a travelling exhibition to debut in Italy at the Milan Triennale from 5 June to 15 July 2007.

The Visual Communication gallery illustrates Fabrica's main line of work; graphics, photography and videos are the tools it places at the service of its partners, including many institutions and NGOs.

I participate with a piece called "Evolution?

Evolution is change in the heritage traits of a population over successive generations.
Evolution is to evolve, to advance, to grow, to change, to react, to rectify.
The question will be: are Human Beings searching for mental development, or just contradicting evolution by going in retrogression?


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