Davide Balliano
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Davide Balliano

From: Italy

Davide Balliano is a young photographer born in Turin in 1983. In this city
he began his studies and earned a diploma in Graphic Arts. In 2002 he moved
to Milan where he earned a second diploma in photograpy at the c.f.p
Riccardo Bauer, and worked as assistant and photographer. Through cold and
aseptic use of the photographic image, his artistic research allows him to
delve deeply into the most hidden aspects of the human mind and its tight
relationship with the environment which surrounds us. His projects often
detach themselves from the photographic camera , to use video, music and
sound in his installations.

1 Apr, 2005
1 Feb, 2005
1 Dec, 2004
YOUTOPIA 1/ The Sniper
Dec 1, 2004

Tube Valley
Jul 1, 2004