/ YOUTOPIA 1/ The Sniper
YOUTOPIA 1/ The Sniper
Davide Balliano, Jonas Joelson, Daniele Carmosino
1 December, 2004

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Contributors: Text of Jonas Joelson Music of Daniele Carmosino

Youtopia is a play on words, an experiment of subliminal and enigmatic
communication, it's a question dressed like a story.
The project is structured like anopera, divided into three acts based
on the concept of affectionate relations and dependence on others.
It's a project which tries to suggest emotions and communicates with
The first act, presented here , tries to describe the time of
distance, of solitude. In this time the research and the need for
socialising became an act which looks obsessive compulsive.
I chose the figure of The Sniper because it is symbol of contrast,
violence, fear and extreme but simple communication. A Sniper does not
explain anything, he only acts without words or thoughts, he is
violent and can kill you.
Like a lover.
We do not know if he is a killer or what; we do not know
anything about this man. Similarly, Youtopia does not know anything;
it is you who has to decide.

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