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Jonas Joelson

From: Sweden

When Jonas turned 22 he decided to do something with his life, he had grown tired of taking shit jobs to travel the planet. Hence, he thought that university studies would be a wise choice. So he entered Political Science, but soon felt that he had to go deeper into abstract theory. In the autumn of 2001 Jonas started studying philosophy in Stockholm. He understood that this was what he had been looking for all along. However, after one year of studies Jonas quit philosophy- it was not leading to anything but talking. Instead, he entered a strange school in Denmark called The KaosPilots (so: Things changed. At The KaosPilots Jonas worked with, amongst others: Danish Refugee Help, Daimler Chrysler, Malmö FF (14 times Swedish Champions of football), The Danish Church, Vodafone and The Icelandic Love Corporation. Then, he formed Tabula Rasa Design with the two fellow students Kasper Björk Borg, Oddne Lægreid and Samuel Sjöblom, built a hotel room in Berlin and left for Fabrica’s writing department. Currently, he is working a lot, eats too much Italian chese and is rather happy with life.

(Photo: with Sofia, his beloved sister)

1 Feb, 2005
1 Dec, 2004
1 Nov, 2004