/ YOUTOPIA3/ Morphine's Temptation
YOUTOPIA3/ Morphine's Temptation
Davide Balliano, Jonas Joelson, Daniele Carmosino
1 February, 2005

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Youtopia is a project divided in three acts. Here's the third:

The third act of Youtopia speaks about relationships. It is a
visualisation of sensations such as dependence and control, power and fear, passion and rage. It is a masquerade of emotions. Who is the victim of whom? Is there a victim? What is the difference between love and violent emotions?
Above all Youtopia does not want to be the answer but perhaps the question about the relation of sensations.
The third act is about dependence and simbiotic temptations, the desire of something that we can imagine but not control; we can only accept and see how things proceede.

The video is in progress.

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