/ Written Sound
Written Sound
Jonas Joelson, Daniele Carmosino, Dave Towey, Holger Stenschke
1 November, 2004

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"Written Sound"
-Live Writing & Improvised Composition of Music

We wish to investigate a new discipline of communication, mixing words and music in live sessions. How can a writer and a musician -words and sounds- find common expression?

The writer writes on his laptop, which projects the words on a screen visible for the audience. The words are also read aloud by a computer voice – a sound which goes into another computer, belonging to the musician. The musician creates music, sampling and manipulating the sound of the computer voice, putting it together with his own beats. The spectator enjoys a live, improvised performance, which units two different mediums into one audiovisual experience.

Written Sound has been performed at DesignMai in Berlin, at Ask Sarajevo in Sarajevo and at Subörb Festival in Stockholm.