/ Istanbul Face
Istanbul Face
Oriol Ferrer Mesią, Dave Towey, Andy Huntington
17 September, 2005

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Contributors: Tommaso Corą

Face is an interactive installation built for the new Fabrica Features Store in Istanbul. Placed in the store window, it allows passers-by to record their short video performances by tapping the street window. These short animations are stored in the system, and played-back when no one is using the installation.

Face also records time-lapse animations; meaning that every 30 seconds a single image is taken. This results in some fast-paced time animations where you can see a dynamic progression of time as shadows grow at high-speed.

FACE which has had some history at Fabrica, was initially built by Andy Huntingtion. Later, Dave Towey developed an improved and more complex version of FACE. Finally, Oriol Ferrer Mesią took over the project, completed testing and debugging and also expanded on the original code to allow for longer storage periods.

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