/ MensaLady Widget
MensaLady Widget
Oriol Ferrer MesiÓ, Andy Rementer, Matt Prins
25 September, 2006

The Mensa Widget is a small representation of a Mensa lady that lives right on your desktop. The mensa lady has three main jobs; It will show random crazy mensa quotes, remind you when i'ts mensa time (currently at 12:40), and fetch the daily mensa menu for you. Click on it to see the menu!

As all widgets, it needs Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) to run; sorry windows/linux/whatever users!
To install, just unzip and double-click!

The MensaLady Widget is a collaboration between Oriol Ferrer (Programming), Andy Rementer (Graphics) and Matt Prins (Writing). Some of the quotes were contributed by other Fabrica Students.

Download link underneath.