/ Fab's Answering Machine
Fab's Answering Machine
Cosimo Bizzarri, Oriol Ferrer Mesià, Juliana Loh, Annalisa (Nalis) Merelli
20 December, 2005

Contributors: Eric Faggin, Valeria Giulianelli, Daniel Hirschmann, Bethany Koby, Francesco Meneghini, Michela Noè, Giorgia Pasini, Rune Ricciardelli, Carlo Zoratti

Fab Magazine authors don't like telephones.

To meet the needs of its friends, the editorial staff set out a real answering machine that allows people who call to listen to different stories from all Fab's issues, as well as long silences or the train timetable.

Call now!
0422 516344 (italian)
0422 516304 (english)