Juliana Loh
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Juliana Loh

From: Singapore

Juliana is a young proletarian with big dreams; a product of globalisation; a Western educated indivudal with pedantic values.

Born and bred in Singapore, she obtained her BA in Theatre & European Studies at the National University of Singapore. She worked as a junior copywriter upon graduation before arriving at Fabrica in Sept 2005.

Coming from Singapore where chewing gum, some issues of Colors magazine and pornography amongst other things are banned; she is enjoying the excessive amount of freedom in provincial Treviso without having to fear punishment.

Proficient in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French and conversational Bahasa Melayu (malay); she hopes to speak decent Italian by the time she leaves Italy.

Meantime, she is trying to keep her weight in check as she gorges herself with fantastic italian cuisine; lest she returns home to a sea of waif singaporean girls looking like a multi-tier wedding cake with salami thighs.

Tell her a story: baobabs[at]gmail.com

or read hers: www.tripleoptix.com/gypsiehaven

16 Jun, 2006
9 May, 2006
12 Apr, 2006