/ Character Smoothies
Character Smoothies
Prima Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhya, Juliana Loh
20 December, 2005

Smoothies were made and sold during the Fabrica Press party on December 20, 2005 at the one euro store.

4 flavours were created to match the 4 characters they embodied. From the sweet to spicy, topped with a little boldness. Samantha, Marie, Angelina and Brandon were made from a concoction of fruit, alcohol and cream.

Samatha : Red wine, Rum, Ginger and Raspberry jam.
Marie : Strawberry yogurt, Fresh strawberry, Milk, Sugar and Crackers, topped with whipped cream.
Angelina : Kiwi, Apple, Lemon, Sugar and Mint Vodka garnished with mint leaves.
Brandon : Baileys® Irish Cream, Oreo cookies, Vanilla and chocolate ice cream and Milk.

Shame you can't enjoy the gustatory pleasures, but have a read to get to know the characters. Let your imagination travel, even if you tongue can't.

Files for Download:
Meet the characters (smoothie character.doc - 28.672 kb)