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Frizzante Shopping
Prima Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhya
9 June, 2006

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Contributors: Sam Baron, Miren Marañon

"Frizzante Shopping" is a new way of enjoying ice cream while shopping. It is an "ice-cream-drink" inspired by the way people shop in Colette : style design art food. The flavours are inspired by Italian cocktails, such as Spritz, Sgroppino, Bellini and Caffe Corretto but made with ice cream and frizzante drinks (sparking water) which are famous in Italy.

Spritz : Orange ice cream, Aperol, Orange Soda
Sgroppino : Lemon ice cream, Vodka, Sweet Soda
Bellini : Peach ice cream, Vodka, Lemon Soda
Caffe Corretto : Coffee ice cream, Grappa, Milk and Caramel

The mixture creates a particular effect and texture and served in shopping-bag-like container for the ease of carrying with the least interference to the shopping experience.

The ice cream is kindly offered by the French producer Pedone Glacier, prepared and served to Colette’s visitors at 18.00 – 21.00 on the main floor. Friday 9th June, 2006, the sneak-preview day of HOME ENTERTAINMENT : An interactive mixed media installation

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