Oriol Ferrer Mesią
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Oriol Ferrer Mesią

From: Spain
Blog: http://uri.cat/blog

Oriol was born in Barcelona in 1979. He studied Multimedia Engineering at La Salle Bonanova University, and also Computer Science. He worked for a while at TV3 (a local TV station), and then in "Pere Moles, dissenyador", a design studio located in Andorra.

He got his masters in visual design at SPD in milan, and he's now at Fabrica creating some cool interactive installations.

Oriol can speak Catalan, Spanish, English and Italian.

His website: http://uri.cat
His Portfolio: http://uri.cat/portfolio

1 Dec, 2006
25 Sep, 2006
6 Sep, 2006
Kaleidoscope Screen Saver
Aug 1, 2006

TimeLapse Screen Saver
Aug 1, 2006

Jun 6, 2006

Fabrica Lapse
May 28, 2006

Flipbook! Widget and ScreenSaver
Apr 5, 2006

Text Face
Mar 5, 2006

Mar 5, 2006

Doodle Screen Saver
Mar 4, 2006

Feb 20, 2006

Fab's Answering Machine
Dec 20, 2005

Nov 5, 2005

Istanbul Face
Sep 17, 2005