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Oriol Ferrer Mesią
1 December, 2006

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Contributors: Daniel Hirschman (Original Idea)

What is NetPong?

Play Pong by tilting your apple computer! Play alone or with a friend over a local network.

How To Use it?

To play alone, just launch it. Tilt your computer to control the paddle. To play with a friend, make sure both of you are in the same local network. One of you has to start his copy of Pong, and the other should start his after 5-10 seconds... No other setup needs to be done!

netPong looks for an opponent the first time it's launched.... If none is available, it creates a server. The next netPong application that is launched will connect to it, creating a two player game. That gives the system opponent randomness, so every time you launch it, you might get a random opponent.

Thanks to...

NetPong uses the UniMotion (http://members.optusnet.com.au/lbramsay/programs/unimotion.html) library to retrieve the current orientation of the computer.
Daniel Hirschman for his original idea!

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