/ COLORS 71 - Welcome to Vörland
COLORS 71 - Welcome to Vörland
Matt Prins
1 February, 2007

I wrote and edited English text for this issue of COLORS: Summer 2057
Welcome to Vörland - Your Next Sustainable holiday.

The Colors editorial team moves to the future, to Vörland, a small Swedish island lost in the northern seas, which has become, due to global warming, one of the ultimate summer holiday hotspots. In the name of science fiction, the photos, stories and interviews of the future disguise the true underlying message - the effects of climate change and how to reverse them through measures of sustainable living.

This is the first Colors issue entirely made of fiction.
Two of the main premises were avoiding as much as possible photo retouching programs and using humour as a primary tool to reach the reader´s attention. The result is a surreal world suspended between the present and the future and characterized by weird inhabitants and holidaymakers.
All sets for the photos have been built piece by piece as it was stage theatre.

In the second half of the magazine you’ll find the Green Pages; an unusual encyclopedia on sustainable development with many suggestions about what you can do right now around the world to make it greener and, after all, safer.


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