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Linus Nilsson

From: Sweden

My background is a mixture of arts, design and technology. I've studied history of ideas and learning, and art history. I have a bachelors degree in interaction design. I left school in 2003 and worked as an support technician before joining fabrica as a researcher in the interactive department working with everything from and in between web development, installations and mobile phone games. I left in the summer of 06 and started a master in c:art:media in gothenburg, sweden. Art meets technology, sort of.

The projects I have been involved in so far deals in some way or another with interactivity. This includes people to machine interaction, people to people interaction, and machine to machine interaction. With interaction as a foundation a have been exploring different topics and I have been particularly interested in how people experience the city and how they can share this experience with others. See my website for more info about projects and work:

The themes I'm working with now revolves a lot around mobility and and the mobile phone as an object of interaction in other contexts than calling. I'm also interested in devices or objects, usually networked or connected somehow, in the area of image and/or sound recording or playback and functioning as a way of sharing media and experiences in a social way. This could be worked in to themes of urbanism and the city or being situated in a gaming context which in turn could go back to the social aspects. Or something like that.


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