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Disco Circle
Enrique R Grullon, Linus Nilsson, Vladimir Dubko, Carlo Zoratti
17 June, 2005

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The Disco Circle project was created during the Antenna Design workshop held in June of 2005. We were asked to design an intervention in a public space, specifically in or around Fabrica.

Our approach to this subject began by altering the appearance of a busy hallway in Fabrica were most people will pass by at least once during the course of a day.

We started by making a circle on the floor with tape, the circle being big enough, in relation to the space available in the area we had chosen, forcing people to make an active choice of how to interact with this circle. We documented how people reacted to this simple circle and to our surprise we found that many people either walked around it, careful not to cross the line of the circle. Others took it as an invitation to jump or in someway step into this circle in a more playful manner.

From this early explorations we wanted to add another layer of interaction to the intervention. We liked the impact of the circle on the floor and kept it in the design. We now added a motion detection system to the circle which meant we knew when people entered the circle and as the project name suggests we opted for a discofied solution. When the breaches of the circle are crossed music are played from speakers hidden in the ceiling.

Disco circle redefines office fun!

As stated in the brief for the workshop, "An unexpected intervention changes the perception of a place." By adding basic interaction possibilities and altering the space slightly we saw different type of behavior from people walking through this space. From just being a place you pass by on your way somewhere else people actually could discover and explore these new possibilities within the space.

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