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Fabrica Website
Jonathan Harris
15 February, 2005

Towards the end of my year at Fabrica, it was an honor to be asked to redesign Fabrica's website. My intention was to create something alive and pulsing, constantly changing, reflecting the life and personality of the people in Fabrica.

The site explores notions of order and chaos, control and changeability. A simple grid-based design allows the work to communicate without distraction. Fabrica fellows, past and present, can create project cards using a simple web interface, and their projects then appear on the site’s front page.

The Fabrica logo changes to reflect the most recently posted project, literally transforming the identity of Fabrica with each new piece of work. Any visitor to the site can scrawl graffiti on any project page, for all future visitors to see. In this way, any project is vulnerable to praise, criticism, or mockery, and any visitor to the Fabrica site becomes both a critic and an artist. An IP address locator logs the country where each graffiti is created, expressing the global outlook of Fabrica, whose community of artists stretches worldwide.


Jonathan Harris
(United States)


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