Juan Ospina
6 May, 2005

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SPAIK is a city loved by its warm-hearted people that usually greet you with all smiles, funded only 20 years ago after liberation day, november 5 th of 1985; Spaik City is an example of peace, prosperity and social equality, as well as the industrial muscle power of the region. Don't forget to use the top right hand side map to visit Spaik's main areas and get acquainted with this thriving populi full of beauty and pleasant surprises around every corner.

Spaik city is an experimental on-line public space. Built in a web-based flash enviroment; users can acces an imaginary public space and modify it, by "painting" on the walls and other locations. Everyone has access and everyone can participate creating a comunity dynamic that emulates real graffiti on actual cities.