/ Trust
Sarah Napier
25 October, 2005

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"TRUST" – A word often underestimated and sometimes corrupted as we go through the daily grind of life experiences. What does "trust" mean to you?

The Fabrica Visual Communication department was invited to submit designs on the theme of "trust" for a show that aims to collectively reflect the various ideas and notions of "trust" from the perspective of artists from across the globe. The show will be soon featured in numerous international design conferences.

“Trust Butterflies: instinct beyond sight, gut feelings deceive. This piece talks about the tendency to take things at face value and encourages the viewer to look beyond the pretty configuration of fluttering butterflies and recognise the seductive, provocative and sordid undertones.

The “Trust?” poster questions the readiness with which we trust in unfamiliar people based on such small projections of their intentions as a name badge, a hand-written sign, a religious symbol or a pair of clean white gloves.