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2 Man Bands
Zachary Swenson
18 May, 2005

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The two man rock band is a roar of noisy melody and foot-stomping beat. With their minimal arrangement, they shun the superfluously layered, over-produced commercial music that contaminate the radio like a disease. Instead of just complaining, they rebel with fresh, raw, beat drenched, low-fi sounds with roots in blues, punk, rockabilly, electro, funk...

Two men armed with instruments battle the music industry from the musty venues of squats and social centers to the underground independent music halls. The following bands were photographed in Italy:

Movie Star Junkies: voice/organ/synthesizer, drums
from Turin, Italy

Mojomatics: voice/guitar/harmonica, drums
from Venice, Italy

bands soon to be photographed:

Stylefire: voice/guitar, drums
from Saluzzo, Italy

Vados Locos &
the Ultravixen: voice/guitar, organ/drums
from Turin, Italy

Zachary Swenson
(United States)


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