/ Orange Orange Red -- Ivrea Carnival
Orange Orange Red -- Ivrea Carnival
Zachary Swenson
16 March, 2005

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The Ivrea orange battles is a four day event that consists of dozens of horse drawn carriages, hundreds of medievally dressed people, and 360,000 kg of oranges. It is the time when oranges are thrown, boys become men, and orange juice floods the streets. The original idea behind the orange battles dates back to the 12th century when there was the rebellion against tyranny: although visiting Ivrea during the carnival, it is quite easy not to reminisce of history and to concentrate on not getting pelted by oranges.
The following images were shot during the last day of the Ivrea orange battles. They are portraits of the wounded orange throwers, drenched in juice or blood or marked with bruised eyes, who fight under the guise of tradition.

Zachary Swenson
(United States)


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