/ a still life
a still life
Zachary Swenson
29 April, 2005

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The following images pay homage to a beloved friend that fell victim to heroin on the 27th of April 2005.

The series aims to analyze the heroin addict's paraphernalia in its nudity. That is, without the dress of addict’s flesh. Because under their skin, in place of their heart, their veins, their nose, their muscles, are these objects. The paraphernalia becomes a functioning part of their body. It becomes a necessity for them; just as breathing or eating.

The choice of communicating my emotions through still life began with the italian meaning. The translation of "still life" in italian is "natura morta", literally meaning "dead nature". Although in the context of human behavior, it may be interpreted as "dead human nature"; or further in english, as "a still life", a life void of movement. In my opinion, both concepts reflect the position of the addict. In one sense, his nature of being human degenerates to the point where he instinctually scrounges, steals, and hunts, for his one necessity. In the other sense, the addict leads a still life without direction, ambition, or will. Consequently, he follows a life of repetition and eventual destruction.

Zachary Swenson
(United States)


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