/ The Birth (fall/winter 2005 dvd)
The Birth (fall/winter 2005 dvd)
Selwa Sweidan
1 March, 2005

This promotional DVD is for the clothing label 'The Birth' sold in selected boutiques throughout Europe, Japan and the U.S., including Barney's, New York and Desperado, Tokyo. This year's collection of ready-to-wear women's garments include sumptuous materials in a somber palette with subtley quirky and surprising details.

This promotional DVD for the fall/winter 2005 collection was created to showcase selected outfits for screenings at galleries, tradeshow exhibits and boutique spaces. Meant as a backdrop to the designer's negotiations or the client's customer experience, the dvd does not replace the catwalk show but offers a view of the garments in the context of a fictional world.

The dvd intends to evoke a misplaced nostalgia and introspective uncertainty through simple stop-start animation and lighting.

DVD: 5'
Video (DVD): Selwa Sweidan
Model: Sophia Kluehn
Styling: Selwa Sweidan and Daisuke Nagata

Files for Download:
The Birth 2005 Collection (TheBirth-cd.mov - 25548.182 kb)

Selwa Sweidan
(United States)


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