/ 'Freeze; A settling of elements on one another'
'Freeze; A settling of elements on one another'
Selwa Sweidan, Bethany Koby, Amélie Marciasini, Matthew Haigh
1 January, 2006

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Contributors: Concept and Design: Bethany Koby, Selwa Sweidan, Sacha Leong. Illustration: Amelie Mercasini. Graphic Design: Matthew Haigh.

‘Freeze; A settling of elements on one another’ is an installation in the b Store, during the Frieze Art Fair.

The ‘Freeze’ installation underlines the immateriality of the value of objects, while embracing the duality and irony in creating ephemeral goods and presenting this experience as a souvenir. In using ice as a medium we are prolonging the act of “appreciation” and observance of art, objects, process and situations.

‘Freeze’ participates and celebrates in the idea that contemporary art, walks the fine line of being “territorial acquisitions” and, increasingly, situations or happenings. ‘Freeze’ is also a playful and humble comment on commerce in relation to art, which is fueled and defined by events such as the Frieze Art Fair.

Functioning and non-functioning freezers occupy the storefront space. Out of context, these standard white goods act as scenographic markers and also as practical appliances used for freezing objects and the proprietary bags.

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