Selwa Sweidan, Bethany Koby
20 December, 2005

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The EURO STORE was created for a Fabrica press event on December 20th, 2005. Fabrica asked all grant-holders, also known as Fabricanti, to showcase/create work.

The initial concept for EURO STORE stemmed from a research project focused on store front installations which Bethany Koby and Selwa Sweidan continue to explore through the collective Collaborator's Guide. The EURO STORE was an opportunity to curate work, make new work and create an engaging participatory event.

The store was created using simple and readily available materials such as tape, cardboard boxes, stickers, industrial plastic chain and black and white signage, to display merchandise and simulate the feeling of a store.

Contributions came from Fabrica grant-holders and invited participants. Objects ranged from a CD of someone's favorite Itunes to a personal portfolio; from an A1 poster to a b-bgun kit; from an autographed t-shirt to refridgerator magnets. By exhibiting these projects and donated items in a store context, the consumer potential of Fabrica projects was further highlighted to the press attendees.

The creators of the EURO STORE, Bethany and Selwa took on the performance role of 'clerks', with aprons and neon chain necklaces. This fun costume idea helped break the ice with these first time visitors to Fabrica. In turn, the inherent interactive nature of browsing and buying, created performers out of the audience.

The low-fi feel of the store construction accentuated the EURO STORE's playfulness and accessibility. EURO STORE was an easily approachable, tongue-in-cheek introduction to Fabricanti's work, taste and backgrounds.