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World Public Relations Festival
Yianni Hill
18 February, 2005

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Contributors: Frederico Duarte

Fabrica was invited to create a project of awareness and criticism on the theme of diversity, which was a central issue for the World Public Relations Festival held in Trieste at the end of June 2005. The visual communication department developed a solid body of works responding to various themes of diversity.

The red image was the work chosen and used for the festival poster as it reflected the festival’s idea of “communicating for diversity, with diversity, in diversity”. (Typography by Frederico Duarte).

The blue image was created for the theme of diversity in harmony. It brings together the normally opposing king and queen from a chess board, along with a pawn of mixed colour, to highlight on one level the harmony that can exist within mixed race families, but on another the importance of racial tolerance.

Yianni Hill


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