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« Our on going coverages of the Middle East | Main | USA billing its citizen for evacuation from Beirut »

Pain Ray and Death Ray - this is not a game.

Pain Ray and Death Ray - this is not a game.

Having started the week with news surrounding war in the middle east, I don't feel like blogging about design, art, funny or weird things today. It is quite hard to chew down all this press, but here's a new item that might be educational...

Pain Ray is a nickname for "Active Denial System", which is a new weapon developed out of "directed energy" research for the U.S. military. The Pain Ray 'fires out millimeter waves -- a sort of cousin of microwaves, in the 95 GHz range. The invisible beams penetrate just 1/64th of an inch beneath the skin, directly affecting the nerve endings, and a 2-second burst can heat the skin to 130 degrees. Charles Heal, a widely recognized authority on nonlethal weapons who has dubbed the ray the "Holy Grail of crowd control," likened it to having a hot iron pressed against the skin. ' (link)

Pain Ray is non lethal. It does not kill, but hurts. Hurts a lot.

The next we have on the agenda is the Death Ray, a weapon that fires out microwave, similar to ones we have in our kitchen. If you have seen what the microwaves can do to a marshmallow, you can probably imagine what a microwave ray gun can do to a living body.

There is an Italian-made documentary about the existence of these weapons: http://www.rainews24.it/ran24/inchieste/guerre_stellari_iraq.asp
(also available in English)

Brett Wanger president of the California Center for Strategic Studies have started an online petition calling for U.S. Congress to oppose the development and deployment of these crazy things. You can sign it too.

If Congress somehow pass these weapons for usage (allegedly they've planned to deploy it in Iraq), I hope they test it on the congressmen and women first.

Via BenettonTalk

Originally from
ReBlogged by ann p on Jul 17, 2006 at 05:35 PM Posted by ann p on Jul 17, 2006 at 05:35 PM


It's just a matter of time before ADT/ADS is deployed on domestic protestors and others engaged in civil disobedience. A water cannon might knock you on your ass, but at least it won't cook your eyeballs. Expect to see co-legislation exempting the military and municipal police from injury lawsuits.

Much better to make a few dead islamist martyrs than legions of blind charity cases.

Posted by: Elmer Fudd at 15.09.2006 05:48 PM

Maybe we could use it to end filibusters in Congress. Or Congress could use it on the White House to stop illegal executive action withou recourse to long, drawn-out court cases.

Posted by: Dead Man at 15.04.2007 10:17 AM

Good design, who make it?

Posted by: naisioxerloro at 28.11.2007 10:15 PM

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