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May 31, 2007

The first time

First times can make us extremely nervous, scared, insecure.
First times are full of expectations, hope, anxiety, excitement and for sure, fear.
Aldrig Som Första Gangen!, or Never like the first time! by Jonas Odell, is a short film that deals with an important topic in every person’s life, explored cleverly from different point of views. Bittersweet and honest.

Because first times are undeniable.

Click here to see a part of this genuine film for first time.

Originally from
ReBlogged by karol de rueda on May 31, 2007 at 12:22 PM | Comments (2)

May 30, 2007

Techno Tuesday: Sob


via TechnoTuesday.com

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 30, 2007 at 07:45 PM | Comments (0)

From 1967?


TV-Helmet (Portable living room), 1967, by Walter Pichler. Check out more of his work here.

via we make money not art

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 30, 2007 at 07:38 PM | Comments (0)

May 29, 2007


Usually, most people feel the need to being thankful to something or someone who has spent their time or energy on them.
In this case, Evaristo and his wife are grateful because their pig gave birth to three precious healthy babies.
Because no duty is more urgent than that of giving thanks, I would like to say thank you to Matt. Thanks for the help, your sense of humor and for making the best blog on Earth.

No pressure.

Originally from
ReBlogged by karol de rueda on May 29, 2007 at 05:55 PM | Comments (4)

Karol de Rueda: Blogger Extrordinaire

From left to right, the de Rueda Super Team: Emmanuel, Karol, David, and César. Center Left: brown cake.

Karol, Fabrica's sweetest, giggliest, guacamole makingest, writer/designer has stepped up to the blogging plate, taking over for Christian. Give her a big thanks as she is really going to be the one keeping this site alive. No pressure.

PS. Karol is BenettonTalk's greatest asset and promoter; the quality of her posts will not disappoint. No pressure.

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 29, 2007 at 11:49 AM | Comments (1)

May 28, 2007

Rabbit and Chief

Run Wrake's "Rabbit" played in Treviso's Resfest last autumn and is, for me, one of the most memorable of the short films played there.


Ex-Fabricanti, Andy Smith's online magazine - Chief - has an interview with Wrake and how Rabbit came to be.

Watch Rabbit here on AtomFilms.

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 28, 2007 at 06:10 PM | Comments (0)

Literature and lists

aNobii - For literature and list enthusiasts. Make a list of your book collection, share your playlist with others, and find work that you should've long ago through those who have similar tastes.


Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 28, 2007 at 05:57 PM | Comments (215)


Life here, as you all probably know by now, is boring. Unless you're friends with resident Wii owner - Michael Ciancio. But even then... things can get pretty boring after a while. Here are some Wii Play titles that could spice up our lives:

via engadget

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 28, 2007 at 05:35 PM | Comments (2)

May 25, 2007

Surreal Flashback and the Fonz?

I saw this video when I was very young. Although I do remember loving the "penis and vulva" song, I don't remember it being half as creepy and surreal. Mom? Dad? What were you thinking?

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 25, 2007 at 03:57 PM | Comments (1)

May 23, 2007

Denny Hazen sings the blues

Denny Hazen fights social and commercial inequalities with rap.


via Mr. Eric Faggin.

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 23, 2007 at 12:43 PM | Comments (1)

Red Meat

The self-proclaimed "most tasteless and twisted comic strip in the world," Red Meat is one of my all time favorites. If you don't know it, check out Max Cannon's site here.


This one goes out to the COLORS gang who have finally finished with the late late nights.

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 23, 2007 at 12:18 PM | Comments (4)

Be Good or Be Gone

Lovely sounding, lovely looking. This is the video for Fionn Regan's "Be Good or be Gone.

via Carlo

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 23, 2007 at 12:00 PM | Comments (1)

Hard to keep the eyes open

A great set of balloon popping photos using the Quaketronics flash controller.


Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 23, 2007 at 11:51 AM | Comments (0)

Line Rider

Maybe I'm way behind the times, as I think this is quite popular with the kids, but it's new to me and it's more than worth mentioning.


Some of the artwork done on this program is amazing! See some videos here.

via Lizy

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 23, 2007 at 11:00 AM | Comments (3)


From David O'Reilly's head and hands.


Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 23, 2007 at 10:50 AM | Comments (0)

May 22, 2007


There has been a lot of COLORS madness in the past few months. Many of Fabricanti have devoted much of their time and energy towards making the next issue of COLORS - #71. In between all the mess, another issue was created. COLORS 70.5 - Understanding.


Continue reading "COLORS 70.5"

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 22, 2007 at 05:14 PM | Comments (8)

San Tomaso

"San Tomaso" is the most frequented watering hole for the Fabricanti. I think it's been that way for a large percentage of the student history. There are a few interesting characters there: The guy that says "Op," the girl with the frizzy blonde hair, the drunk, bald, obtrusive guy... And then there is Francesco, who has actually become pretty good friends with the students.

We discovered his myspace today:
We hope "il Gelato" becomes a big hit.

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 22, 2007 at 04:10 PM | Comments (5)

Trans Artists

If you're looking to live in a foreign country, practice your art, and maybe get paid for it... then check out this website which has a HUGE listing of opportunities.


Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 22, 2007 at 12:25 PM | Comments (0)

May 21, 2007

Final entry

Dear blog readers, here things I wanted to post for a long time, but had no time:

Daniel Hirschman and Juan Ospina created a website, where you can get updated about where and what the Fabricanti are doing. If you are a former Fabricanti and you would like to join, please contact those guys. www.fabricanti.com

Long time Fabricante Francesco Meneghini left Fabrica some weeks ago, he founded a creative collective with some friends, mostly from Fabrica as well: www.headscollective.com

Also long time Fabricante Holger left Fabrica in the start of this year, he lives in Ireland now and does audio productions: www.av-productions.net

Our Fabricante Priya Khatri has a new website: www.priyakhatri.com

That's it. It was a pleasure to write for this blog. Good luck to everybody!
PS: Just checked the stats today, this blog has now 30'000 visitors a month... hui.

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 21, 2007 at 04:21 PM | Comments (1)

Christian Etter Leaves the Building

Our dear Christian Etter - main blog entry supplier and great friend to all - leaves us today after one glorious year.


What did you do before coming to Fabrica?
Worked as an Art Director in Saatchi & Saatchi in Milano.

And what is the plan now?
I will continue to work on some Fabrica projects (we’re still looking for editors!), but based in Switzerland, for a couple of weeks. Then I will go to work as a Senior Interactive Creative for a nice little company called Unit 9 in London.

What was the best moment here?
The best was the summer break... all of August off. We went with some Fabricanti and some of my friends through Spain and Portugal. I never had such a long holiday break. And also some little moments in Treviso. Like when just Pia, Hansi and I danced the whole night at your place. Only with an iPod with some strange music on it, without shoes to keep the neighbors sleeping. Or when I was with Natalie and Hansi in Paris for sure. And showing my motherland to some Fabricanti over the Christmas break. The trip to Slovenia was amazing too. Such good food. My god, there where so many good moments... it was a great year here.

What did you learn in Fabrica?
I think I improved my English quite a bit. And I stopped smoking. Also, when your colleagues all of a sudden become your flat mates, friends, family and lovers, you can learn a lot about your self... you can't hide anything.

Any last words?
Yes. After working a year in Fabrica... I have to say this place makes less sense than ever. The infrastructure is great - the building, the library, the equipment, so many ridiculously talented people - but the never present management isn't able to create a stable environment to pull anything off. Over all it's an amazing place to meet good people from all over in a similar stage of their lives. And personally... I have never grown as quickly as I have in Fabrica. Therefore, it is a shame the building is half empty. I am happy that some new blood is arriving, but it seems impossible to stop the exodus. In June many will have to leave. I am glad I will not be here then.
To the Fabricanti I want to say again how great you are. You have taught me so much and given me much love! Wherever I am, my door is wide open for you.

I just want to say, that it's been more than a pleasure to spend the past year with Chris. He's not only my partner in blogging but a very good friend and a wonderful presence here in Fabrica. Websites, football, and pseudo-inappropriate conversations will not be so regular without your swiss ways.

Take care Chris.

And by the way everyone, there's a free space available as a Fabricanti blogger!

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 21, 2007 at 12:21 PM | Comments (0)

Stick Remover

Oh no, I've fallen in love again. This time it's with a game.


via BoingBoing

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 21, 2007 at 12:00 PM | Comments (1)

May 18, 2007

Black or white?

Keeping on the topic of colours... Is this a reference to living inside the walls of Fabrica?


Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 18, 2007 at 06:08 PM | Comments (0)

I heart colours

There are so many things to fall in love with. You kind of take the everyday things for granted, like colour. You'd think, being a slave to United Colors, I'd know a thing or two about the subject. But I'm a colour idiot compared to the fine group at COLOURlovers. For example:


This palette titled, "Ineffective Suits" hits the nail right on the head. Make your own appropriately titled colour palette and then discuss your genious with colour freaks.

via swissmiss

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 18, 2007 at 03:45 PM | Comments (1)

May 17, 2007

What are those letters made of?

I don't know if it's because it's been a long day or because I'm an idiot, or because this really is brilliant, but i think that, if I had the chance, I could watch this for days on end.



Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 17, 2007 at 10:57 PM | Comments (0)

Giorni Vacanzieri

Here a new video from Carlo and Marco, i ragazzi della prateria..

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 17, 2007 at 01:57 PM | Comments (0)

May 16, 2007

Give A Toss


My mum just sent me this link to Britain's new campaign for sperm donors. Check it out here. I suggest you to try the game section and play the Toss-O-Meter it helps improve wrist action! Its titillating!

Originally from
ReBlogged by pia on May 16, 2007 at 07:24 PM | Comments (0)

Italian for Beginners III


The neighbors here in the North of Italy are mostly very old and unsatisfied with you. They will forbid you everything and if you ask why, they will answer, because it is like that. And then you will find notes like that in your apartment, so charming that you can't even be upset with them.

You are asked to pay attention on the noises provoked by transferring chattels or others at night time (one o'clock at night), regarding that I have the luck to occupy the apartment below yours.

Thank you.

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 16, 2007 at 11:55 AM | Comments (2)

May 14, 2007

Italian for Beginners II


One expresses anger biting your self on the knuckle of a finger,
normally the index finger. It's not necessary to bite for real,
it's enough to point out the movement.

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 14, 2007 at 07:10 PM | Comments (0)

Sad Christmas for Michael

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 14, 2007 at 11:53 AM | Comments (32)


Click on the picture below. It'll lead you to a mind-blowing optical illusion.


Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 14, 2007 at 11:34 AM | Comments (0)

Italian for Beginners I

After living two years in Italy, I prepared a little feature about the Italian culture. We start with communication:


He's a tough one
The back of the thumb is drawn across the cheek
from ear to mouth, to indicate that the person under
discussion knows the ropes.

From the book "l dizionario dei gesti italiani " by Bruno Munari, 1994.

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 14, 2007 at 10:47 AM | Comments (0)

May 11, 2007

Weekend Reminder

Happy weekend everyone!

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 11, 2007 at 04:56 PM | Comments (0)

Mikhael Subotzky has entered the building


What did you do before coming to Fabrica?
I was making pictures in South Africa and exhibiting all over the place.

Can you tell us about the special circumstances that brought you to us?
Yah, through winning Fabrica's FFF photo competition for under 25 years old, I have been offered a one year scholarship. So I didn't have the pleasure of a trial.

Where did you shoot those pictures?
I did them in three different jails in South Africa. In 2004 there was a constitutional court case about whether prisoners can vote or not. It was a very important, landmark judgment in a country where most of our current political leaders have been incarcerated in the past. This lead me to a long sustained interest in humen rights, incarceration, justice and crime in South Africa.

What's your first impression of Fabrica?
Beautiful building, beautiful people, too clean.

What do you expect to learn here?
I hope to make better work, to make many big creative arguments, to make friends.

What will you miss from Capetown?
The edge.

Anything else?
Please can you all finish Colors quickly, so I have somebody to have drinks with.

I agree on that. Here is Mikhael's website: www.imagesby.com

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 11, 2007 at 12:51 PM | Comments (0)

Design for the other 90% of the world


Priya did send me the link to this exhibition in the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in NYC:

Of the world’s total population of 6.5 billion, 5.8 billion people, or 90%, have little or no access to most of the products and services many of us take for granted; in fact, nearly half do not have regular access to food, clean water, or shelter. Design for the Other 90% explores a growing movement among designers to design low-cost solutions for this “other 90%.” Through partnerships both local and global, individuals and organizations are finding unique ways to address the basic challenges of survival and progress faced by the world’s poor and marginalized.


Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 11, 2007 at 12:09 PM | Comments (2)

May 10, 2007

Daniel Eatock dances the alarm dance


Gregor did send me this guy yesterday. He is funny: www.danieleatock.com/project/alarm-dance/

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 10, 2007 at 03:25 PM | Comments (1)

the Kurt Vonnegut Library


Now you can love Kurt Vonnegut (which you most certainly should) all you want (which should be most all of your time) for free! At the Kurt Vonnegut library, you can download every one of his novels in PDF, .doc, and mp3 format.

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 10, 2007 at 11:00 AM | Comments (1)

Daniel Streat has entered the building

Daniel Streat
Daniel's pattern.

What did you do before coming here?
I was working as a freelance graphic designer both at Barnbrook Design (a studio based in Soho, London) and independently. Prior to that I studied Graphics Arts and Design at Leeds Metropolitan University.

What do you expect from Fabrica?
I hope to meet new people, experience a different culture and to work on interesting projects.

What will you miss most from London?
Eleanor (my girlfriend).

Anything else to say?
Not yet.

Visit Dan's website: www.pigeonstudio.net

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 10, 2007 at 08:41 AM | Comments (0)

May 09, 2007

Nam Young has entered the building


What did you do before coming here?
Working night and day as a graphic designer in Seoul

Is Fabrica how you thought it would be?
Hmmmmm……don't know…I've just arrived…^^

What do you expect from it?
Having chance to understand how people from all around world achieve
their own idea and concept. Experiencing and learning what I've never
experienced and expected.^^ One more thing!!!! I'd love to learn
cooking great italian food!

What will you miss most from South Korea?
Conversation with my friends, driving through Seoul at night and my lovely dogs

Anything else to say?
I want to have Chocolate Gelato right now!!

Visit Nam's website: www.notnamyoung.com

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 9, 2007 at 08:31 AM | Comments (0)

May 08, 2007

Wesley Willis


Nice new book by Wesley Willis, published by Nives, Zurich.

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 8, 2007 at 11:01 AM | Comments (0)

In Search of Ramen

If you're looking for a nice package of instant ramen noodles, you might want to consult this guy. The website rates hundreds upon thousands of instant noodles from around the world. The videos are simple and entertaining, even if you can't understand Japanese.


Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 8, 2007 at 10:41 AM | Comments (3)

Damn Chinese

Daniel Hirschman did send a link today to a Reuters press release about our wonderful city called Treviso. It goes like this:

The local government of Treviso, in northern Italy, has ordered the city's Chinese restaurants to remove red lanterns from their windows because they look too "oriental".
"It's spoiling the appearance of the city," the head of the council's town planning department, Sergio Marton, told Corriere della Sera daily.
"The Chinese put up all sorts of stuff: lanterns, lions, dragons, there's even one (establishment) that did its whole front in oriental style."
"Treviso is a city of Veneto and Padania, it's certainly not an oriental city," deputy mayor Giancarlo Gentilini said, justifying the order to take down the lanterns within ten days.


Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 8, 2007 at 09:49 AM | Comments (4)

May 07, 2007

Holly smoke!


Michael Bierut comments on the redesigned, newly icon-heavy U.S. passport in The New York Times. “There is something a little coercive about a functional object serving as a civics lesson, even a fairly low-grade civics lesson,” says Bierut.

Via Pentagram

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 7, 2007 at 06:42 PM | Comments (0)

May 04, 2007

Guess the Google

The greatest (in all senses of the word) time-waster I've found all week. Grant Robinson's "Guess-the-Google" is highly addictive and oddly satisfying.


Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 4, 2007 at 06:30 PM | Comments (0)

Happy Rainy Morning

It's a rainy morning in Treviso. This video suits the mood just right.

via the Purdinator

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 4, 2007 at 10:08 AM | Comments (0)

May 03, 2007

Introducing: World Today

I'm proud to announce my very own Fabrica project, called World Today, for which we are looking for independent Editors from around the world for collaboration:

Editors Wanted

Through the technical and financial development of our society, the world has become smaller than ever. Dominating cultures stretch their influences through the global medias and communication tools. In some cases this adds value to a local culture, but in many cases it waters cultural diversity down.

The aim of this project is to cultivate these local varieties and to publish an honest reflection of our world today, accessable to everybody, also to those with low education levels. We want to give a voice to people outside of the mainstream and to deliver reliable and direct information about local cultures.

Therefore we are looking for English speaking Editors from around the world, with a strong connection to their cultural roots and a fine understanding in how to approach local people from different social classes and races.

If you are interested, please contact Christian Etter through e-mail christian.etter(at)fabrica.it to receive more information.

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 3, 2007 at 06:35 PM | Comments (7)

Let Them Sing it For You

"Let Them Sing it For You" takes your words and sings it out by piecing together snippets taken from hundreds of song lyrics.


via Playpen

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 3, 2007 at 11:46 AM | Comments (0)

Philips, you've done it again

Paint with light and then animate it... with magic?

Originally from
ReBlogged by matt prins on May 3, 2007 at 11:36 AM | Comments (0)

Techno Thursday

Thanks to Andy, we still have the permission to show some of his great comics... Here a new one, with guest writer A.J. Purdy.


Via www.technotuesday.com

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 3, 2007 at 08:45 AM | Comments (0)

Gore Vidal


I like what he says in the last two minutes... www.truthdig.com/interview/item/gore_vidal_on_campaign_08/

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 3, 2007 at 08:33 AM | Comments (0)

May 02, 2007

The kitchen of the future

Via Paleo-Future

Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 2, 2007 at 02:15 PM | Comments (6)

Free Speech

Freespeech takes place once every month, and aims at creating an informal platform for young creative professionals, to show and discuss their work in front of a wider audience. This time in Lisboa, Portugal: info-freespeech.blogspot.com


Originally from
ReBlogged by christian etter on May 2, 2007 at 10:21 AM | Comments (4)